Reveal Trailer

It is finally happening!

It has been almost a whole year since we started Bridgeside, and about six months since we started full production on our first game. Today we are finally ready to reveal what we have been working on and we hope that you will love our game as much as we do. Please check out our reveal trailer, and have a great day!

Our YouTube Channel is Live!

Hello all!

Today we are super excited, because we are finally launching the Bridgeside YouTube channel!

The content of the channel will be focused around the development of our game titles, but we also hope to be able to publish on a wide array of different topics spanning: “Let’s Plays”, “How to Plays”, “Reviews”, “Do It Yourself-videos”, “Music”, “Children’s culture” and everything else that we find exciting.

We want everyone, independent of age, sex or country of birth, to be able to enjoy our channel. Therefore we will work to keep the videos accessible to kids and grown ups alike, and we will moderate the comments section to keep it free from misogyny, racism and rudeness. We want you to be able to feel safe when your kids, or parents, are watching a Bridgeside video.

Due to time constraints the spoken language in the videos will vary, but we will always try to add subtitles in Swedish or English so as many of you as possible will be able to understand what’s going on.

The first video is a DIY-build that we shot when we moved into our new office, but it may also act as a presentation of our fantastic Composer and Sound Wizard Marcus.

We wish you all a great week!


Welcome to the Bridgeside development blog!
We will use this blog to make posts regarding the technical side of developing our first commercial game title. We will try to cover as many sides of game development as possible and will most likely touch upon topics such as: Game Design, Coding, Setting up your company, Financing your first game, Marketing, Art for Games, Sounds and Music for Games.

We are super excited to share our development process with you so do not hesitate to contact us with questions, or if you live nearby, just grab your laptop and your backpack and meet us bridgeside of the island.Hello_Post_Picture